Frequently Asked Questions

Many of my clients have never had a glamour photo session which leads to me answering frequently asked questions. Some of the more common questions I’ve fielded over the years are listed below, separated by their logical categories. If you can’t find your answer here, then please don’t hesitate to send me an email at:



During the Shoot

What Should I Expect From The Shoot?

Before the actual photography begins I’ll give you an overview of how the shoot will transpire as well as answer any questions you may have. We’ll discuss your comfort level as well as overall goals for your shoot. We’ll then take a look at your outfits and decide together which options are best. Once your hair and make-up are ready we’ll begin the shoot.

Your session will progress much like a typical fashion shoot. As we move through each set I’ll photograph you in a variety of poses, at different angles, and with different lighting. How many images I capture will vary from set to set but I’ll shoot as much as necessary to assure we come away with quality photos.

How Revealing Should I Be?

Keep in mind sexiness can be communicated regardless of how much clothing you’re wearing. Fully or partially clothed, implied or explicit nudity; any are possible given your comfort level. What’s revealing to one client may be very tame to another. And how revealing you wish your images to be might be predicated by who will be viewing them. Whatever your limits, you will never be asked to do anything you’re uncomfortable with and every image will be taken to insure the final results are both beautiful and tasteful.

Will You Provide Coaching Tips?

Unless you’re a professional model I assume you haven’t much experience with posing for a glamour shoot. Fortunately I’ve had a lot of experience with this genre of photography so I’ll guide you through all the classic poses as well as some that will prove unique to your particular look. Additionally throughout the shooting process you’ll be able to view your images either from the back of my camera or on my tethered laptop. This acts as a great learning aid providing you with immediately feedback to help you refine each pose. You’ll find helpful posing tips in the following blog posts:

Though striking good poses may seem intimidating rest assured it’s quite easy and a bunch of fun as well.

Image Delivery

Who Owns The Copyright To My Images?

The subject of copyright and consent is a lengthy topic but I’ve addressed it in detail with my blog post “Copyright, Consent and Licensing“. And you can also reference the subject of copyright at the US Copyright Office.

When Can I View The Session Images To Select My Images?

Your images will be uploaded to a private folder within my Dropbox account. (It is not necessary to have a Dropbox account or app). I will email the direct link allowing you to view your images at your leisure. This private proofing folder is accessible for 30 days.

When Will I Receive My Final Images?

Your final image portfolio will be ready within 2 weeks after you’ve selected them from your proofs. If you’ve ordered additional images than included in your original package, those images may require additional time.

How Many Final Retouched Images Will I Have?

The number of final images included in your portfolio is determined by the session package you choose. You can however purchase additional images a la carte for $50 each.

What Happens To The Original Digital Files?

All images will be archived on a secure password protected hard drive for 30 days, after which they will be deleted or destroyed.

Will My Digital Files Be Large Enough to Make Prints?

Your package price includes high quality digital images with the largest dimension length at 1600 pixels. Higher resolution images suitable for printing are available at $50 per image (these will be provided as digital files, not finished prints).

Image Retouching

Do You Retouch The Images?

All of your final images will be retouched to soften your skin, remove a wrinkle here and there, or hide the untimely bruise or blemish. Your initial proofs however will be without editing since the purpose of viewing proofs is to pick your favorite poses for inclusion to your finished portfolio.

Extensive retouching for such items as large tattoo removal, large scar removal, eye lash enhancement, significant body sculpting, hair coloring, or face blurring incurs a $50 per hour charge. Rest assured that whether your additional editing requests are subtle or extensive, my post-production editing experience and powerful Photoshop tools can give you the exact look you’re after.

For a more complete discussion of the hows and whys of photo editing please see my blog post entitled -Post-Production Editing. You may also visit my Before and After post for a visual understanding of the metamorphosis a typical image may undergo.

Preparing for Your Session

Are There Wardrobe Retailers You Can Recommend?

There are many fine wardrobe retail options, both brick and mortar as well as online. Visiting my Resources page is a great place to start.

Traditional brick and mortar locations are great because you can look at, feel, and try on the outfits before purchase. Returns are much easier at a physical location as well. The downside is they usually have fewer choices than an online retailer. Also they’re required to charge and collect sales tax while many online companies are not. One other consideration is how close you are to the session date. If you’ve procrastinated, and many of us do, you should consider a physical site as online purchases may incur delays due to shipping.

What Preparations Should I Make Before My Appointment?

Here are a few tips and suggestions for your photo session preparation:
• You should begin shopping for your new clothes, shoes, etc several weeks in advance as this can often be more time consuming than you may imagine. This is especially true if you plan on purchasing anything from online retailers.
• As soon as possible send me any photographs you’ve seen that you’d like to try. I may not be able to do everything, but with proper lead time I’ll be able to accommodate some requests.
• Read my blog posts for posing tips, and if possible practice posing in front of a full length mirror.
• If you’re planning to tan, do it at least four days in advance.
• Be sure to have a pedicure and manicure the day before, use the same nail polish, and avoid anything too bold.
• Be sure to get plenty of rest the night before the shoot.
• The day of your shoot stay properly hydrated and have a light meal before your appointment. You’ll need your energy so please eat accordingly.
• Lastly be careful not to wear tight clothing prior to your session as doing so will likely leave pressure marks on your skin.

Do You Provide Wardrobe Choices Or Should I bring My Own?

In practice it’s best to bring your own outfits. Given everyone’s different sizes and taste in clothing it’s nearly impossible to provide wardrobe choices more suitable than those you can supply yourself.

What Type Of Outfits Should I Bring?

When people think of glamour photography, nudity and lingerie often come to mind. But beyond those options outfits for your shoot can be anything ranging from an over-sized T-shirt to a glamorous evening gown. Ask yourself first and foremost, what do you feel sexy in? Lingerie of course is the classic choice but we all have that one outfit that makes us feel like a million bucks, or that article of clothing our partner finds irresistible. These are great first options. For shopping ideas visit my Resources page for links to online retailers selling lingerie, shoes, etc.

Whatever your outfits turn out to be, bring more than you think you’ll need. When you arrive for your shoot we’ll look at your options together and choose the outfits most suitable to achieve the very best results. Whenever possible try to bring new clothing, or those lightly worn. Also make sure there are no visible tags keeping in mind they’re often visible through sheer clothing. Your apparel should be clean, neatly pressed and free of any holes, tears, etc. New shoes or boots are always preferred as scuffed soles are distracting and require much post-production editing to remove. For more tips on this subject check out my blog post discussing wardrobe considerations.

As your photographer I’ll shoot you with the best light, position you in the most flattering poses, offer you professional make-up services, and give you expert post-production editing; but naturally I can’t determine which outfits you bring to your session. For this reason please allow yourself the necessary time and attention the process requires. Let your imagination run wild and above all else have fun with it.

What Is The Difference Between An Outfit And A Look?

A “Look” is a glamour session term often used in place of “outfit ensemble”. For a more complete discussion on this subject refer to the blog post “Outfits vs Looks“.

Should I Hire A Hair & Make-Up Or Do This Myself?

While many women are good at doing their own hair and make up, there’s a big difference between normal everyday make-up, and that required for photo shoot. (For more specifics with this subject please refer to my blog post on make-up tips.) If you’re interested in a new look, a professional hair and make-up artist (MUA) can help you achieve any style you like; whether you’re going for the girl-next-door, or provocative temptress.

The cost of a hair and MUA is not included in the package price. Their rates range from $100 to $250 depending on such factors as length of their session and other options you may select. They require full payment at the time of the appointment, payable in cash. If you’re in the greater Houston area then visit my Resources page and scroll to the “Hair & Make-Up Artists” section for a list of suggested MUAs.

Here are two other options you might consider: “Brush & Blush Blow Dry Bar“; Houston’s premier blow dry and beauty bar, and “Priv“; the leading on-demand beauty service that delivers professional hairstylists and makeup artists straight to your door.

With all this said, if you’re not interested in a new look or if you intend to hide your facial identity, then a make-up artist isn’t necessary. Not choosing one will save you a little money and shave some time off the overall length of the photo shoot.

Do I Need To Look Like A Runway Model?

Most people aren’t blessed with the figure of a super model. And in fact most super models don’t look as glamorous off camera as on. We’ve all seen candid photographs from paparazzi capturing models looking less than perfect, albeit more like their daily selves. So what gives? The answer is that super models have access to professional make-up and hair styling, professional lighting, and expert posing instruction from their photographer. Additionally, in this day in age of Photoshop it’s become an acceptable and common practice to use digital post-production techniques to take an inch or two off a waist line, soften skin or remove blemishes. (If you’d like more information regarding Post-Production Editing check out my blog post to learn of the many options available.)

The good news is you’ll have access to the same resources as any model during your glamour shoot. As your photographer I can help you find a professional hair and make-up artist, I’ll utilize state of the art camera, lighting and digital imaging equipment, and I’ll coach you every step of the way through your shoot. So don’t worry about that extra pound or which pose is most flattering, that’s my job. Just show up prepared to have fun; I’ll take care of the rest.

Should I Tan Before My Session?

Whether or not to tan before a photo shoot is of course a personal decision. However if you’re considering a spray tan option then please do it no less than 4 days in advance. Applied improperly spray tanning can create blotchy and uneven color, as well as orange hued skin tones on hands, elbows, and feet. Obviously this is an undesirable result and unfortunately it’s extremely difficult to fix with post production editing. Putting a few days between the tanning and your shoot will help minimize these issues.

Session Location

Where Will The Session Be Photographed?

Photo sessions are typically shot on location to suit your special needs or tastes. Your office, home, or especially a luxury hotel suite can provide suitable substitutes to an in-studio shoot. Other possible locations can be rented by the day through such services as and, or by the hour through If you do have an alternate location in mind make sure it provides sufficient privacy, has an adequate source of natural light, enough physical space to accommodate photo strobes, and is clean as well as properly furnished. Additionally architectural elements with special character can prove especially photogenic; winding staircases, claw foot bathtubs, walk through showers or exposed brick walls are wonderful props to include in any boudoir shoot.

Are There On-Location Travel Fees?

Travel fees are complimentary within a 20 mile radius of my studio. Beyond this distance I require a purchase of at least an 8 image photo shoot package, plus mileage. Travel requiring overnight accommodations and/or plane fare is known as a “fly me to you” (FMTY) service. Refer to my FMTY section of my Packages page for more information.

Do You Offer Fly Me To You (FMTY) Sessions?

Yes, if you’re not located in the Houston metro area we can definitely set up a FMTY. For additional information visit the FMTY section of my Packages page.

Your Glamour Photo Session

How Much Does A Glamour Photo Session Cost, And What’s Included?

Visit my Boudoir Packages page for a complete view of the different options available and their included features.

How Long Will The Photo Session Take?

How long your session lasts is determined by a number of things, most notably the number of images you desire and how many looks you’re utilizing. As a minimum you should plan on two hours and if you choose my maximum image package plan on 3-4 hours. Also if you’re purchasing a makeup artist you should add another hour or so for prep time. You’ll need a little time to get comfortable in front of the camera and each set and outfit change takes away from actual shooting time. Remember, this is not a portrait styled session and working quickly interferes with the creative process necessary to producing wonderful images. My experience has taught me there’s a direct correlation between the length of time spent shooting and the quality and quantity of the images created.

Can I Bring A Friend Along?

Having a friend in attendance is a reasonable remedy for nervousness. But keep in mind that after the first 5-10 minutes most people begin to feel comfortable; and most friends begin to get bored. With this said having an adult friend in tow to cheer you along is completely acceptable.

Do You Guarantee Your Work?

If you’re unhappy with your images you have the option of scheduling a re-shoot. Your satisfaction is very important to me and I’m always willing to schedule a new session to get it right.

“I had to email you and say thank you so freaking much for the new photos I am getting so much business and so many compliments please let me know in the future when you shoot again.”

Nicole Palmer