About Me

With over three decades as a photographer I’ve developed sensitivity for capturing the essence of beauty. From the subtle to the sublime I’ve sought beauty as manifested through the relationship of light and line, shape and sensuality. This beauty exists in the human form, our natural environment, and man-made creations—it’s ubiquitous to those prepared to see it. I firmly believe that all things possess what I refer to as the beauty dynamic—that moment when light, form and imagination intersect to illuminate a subject at its most beautiful potential. You can gain further understanding through my blog post, What’s My Style?.

Making a living in a creative field requires discipline, business savvy, and of course talent. Add to that years of experience and it all comes together to establish my well nurtured roots for photographic success. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and from this I have a great deal of insight and knowledge to share with my clients. This knowledge is particularly showcased through my special interest of on-location photography. The following are some of the important benefits and considerations I bring to every photographic project:

  • Extensive research into the locale of the photo session. Including but not limited to climate and astronomical conditions, local norms & customs, and talent acquisition.
  • Understanding of travel logistics for minimizing the complexity of clearing customs & immigration, choosing efficient modes of transportation, and hiring any necessary guides or assistants. For more details with how I utilize my travel experience check out my blog post, On Location Preparation.
  • Expansive expertise of artificial and natural lighting to create the imagery exactly as conceived. For more specific examples read blog posts: Creative Uses for Artificial Light and What’s My Style?.
  • Clear and concise communication to keep myself, the art director, and the talent all on the same page to achieve the same goal.
  • Expertise in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom gleaned from over 20 years of post-production photo retouching experience. Learn more from my blog post, Photoshop & Post Production Editing.

And of course because a picture is worth a 1,000 words (at least), check out my portfolios of Fashion & Glamour, Architecture – Past & Present, and The Natural World. For more information on how my skill set can provide solutions to your needs, email me to discuss the specifics of your upcoming project.


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“I’ve worked with Doug several times on location. He’s crazy about details and is always prepared for the unpredictable nature of outdoor shooting. I love, love, love what we’ve done together. He rocks!”

Jessica Jones