Post-Production Editing

In this age of Photoshop, post-production editing possibilities are seemingly endless. The question sometimes comes up why “Photoshop” at all? The simple answer is that this genre is glamour, not photojournalism. I’m not trying to photograph you in everyday light looking like your everyday self. Celebrities want to be seen at their very best, and you should as well. So just as with a glamorous runway model, my goal is to capture you at your alluring best. This means in the softest light, sexiest poses, and most flattering outfits. And it means editing with the most advanced digital software available, Photoshop.

Basic professional editing included with any glamour photo session, mine or others, includes staples such as cropping, color, and contrast correcting, and minor skin softening and blemish removal. Beyond the basics are many more possibilities. Are you in the thick of winter and discovered you’ve gained a few pounds since your summertime bikini shape? Perhaps you’d like tattoos or other identifying features removed? A little computer time can take care of such concerns.

Of course, like everything, the more you want done, the longer it takes, and the more difficult it becomes. And added computer time naturally adds cost. A small tattoo for example is often quick to remove while a larger one may take much more editing time. Similarly slenderizing the top thigh of crossed legs is quite simple, while giving you a 2 weight reduction takes a bit more work. We can discuss your particular needs before the shoot especially once your final images have been selected from your proofs. Whatever your desires, I’ll do my best to meet your goals so that you look your very best.

Visit my Before & After blog post for a visual understanding of the metamorphosis a typical image may undergo.

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