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In Their Words

Here’s a collection of comments from my many happy clients. Some were provided through direct testimonial submissions, some from email correspondence, and still others as tweets.


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“I’ve worked with Doug several times on location. He’s crazy about details and is always prepared for the unpredictable nature of outdoor shooting. I love, love, love what we’ve done together. He rocks!”

Jessica Jones

alena teixeira

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“It was great to finally meet you and of course work with you. I’m so glad you came to Lisbon. Let’s do it again!”

Alena Teixeira


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“I want to thank you for your kind and professional way; I was very pleased with my photo session. Thanks!”


lola mansour

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“Thank you, wow they look amazing and of course I would love to shoot again.”

Lola Mansour

kailey rae

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“They’re awesome!! Thank you, I love them and they’re going to make me so much $$$. Keep me updated on your next location shoot!!!”

Kailey Rae

heather woods

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“Thank you so much Doug! I look forward to shooting together again. You made me feel so comfortable and were such a breath of fresh air in such a hectic last month I’ve had. You made it fun and easy. If anyone ever asks you for a client reference, I’m more than happy to be one.”

Heather Woods


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“Thank you so much Doug! Really love the final results.”


joanna jax

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“You’re the best photographer I’ve ever seen, and that’s serious business! I was nervous but you were very easy to work with and eased my nerves. Thank you for making me look like a star. Absolutely amazing!”

Joanna Jax

charlene telhier

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“It was really great to work together and I hope that we could work together again in the future.”

Charlene Telhier

Leah Banks

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“I love it! Thanks for the beautiful editing. I’m definitely a happy customer.”

Leah Banks

monica elani

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“Thank you!! It was so much fun. Can’t wait to see all the photos!”

Monica Elani


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“I love them! Thank you so much. I look forward to working with you again.”


Lacy del Rae

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“Thank you I love them! Let’s do it again soon. :)”

Lacy del Rae

jane smith

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“Thank you so much! They all look AMAZING! I really appreciate your skills!”

Jane Smith


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“Thank you! Awesome work, you’re the best!!!”


mia trevi

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“Yay! Everything looks great. OMG I’m so glad we have crossed paths!!! You have no idea how excited I am to work with you!”

Mia Trevi


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“I saw other ladys’ photos that you did and I thought they were phenomenal. I knew I would love to work with you!”



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“Thank you very much. It’s been a pleasure as always.”


felicity harte

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“I have to say he’s fantastic– an excellent photographer girls!! I’ve shot with a few creeps! Doug is good for the industry!”

Felicity Harte

audrey bell

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“I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! I would absolutely love to schedule another shoot by the way! Thank you again, your a rock star!”

Audrey Bell

arianna barstow

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“I was really nervous when I first arrived at Doug’s studio but his sense of humor, easy going nature and knowledge of his craft had me relaxed within minutes. Doug is a fantastic photographer. The hardest part of the whole process was narrowing down which photos I wanted because he did such an amazing job!”

Arianna Barstow

kendal burke

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“Doug is fantastic to work with! He is courteous, professional and knowledgeable throughout the process. I have always been thrilled with the final results as well. A+, start to finish!”

Kendal Burke

luana l'amour

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“He’s such a great guy and great to shoot with. He’s really skilled at accentuating the shape of a female figure.”

Luana L’Amour

nicole palmer

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“I had to email you and say thank you so freaking much for the new photos I am getting so much business and so many compliments please let me know in the future when you shoot again.”

Nicole Palmer


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“All of these photos are amazing! Thank you so much!”


kimberly moore

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“You’re the best. I love them and can’t wait to shoot with u again in the future!!!”

Kimberly Moore

alexana claire

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“A fantastic shoot with Doug, can’t wait to see the final images.”

Alexana Claire

sofia nova

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“Doug is a wonderful photographer who is great to work with. He makes you feel comfortable so you can relax and enjoy your photo shoot.”

Sofia Nova


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“Whenever you get some more free time, I’m ready to be dazzled again by your wonderful work. I’ve gotten so many compliments and responses.”



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“I’ve seen great things from you, but still blown away when I saw the finished product!”


anna lauren

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“Absolutely beautiful, love them! It was great working with you and if you return to the Cyclades, I would like to hire you again.”

Anna Lauren

catherine grace

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“The pictures look fantastic! I’m so very excited – thank you so much. I look forward to shooting with you again.”

Catherine Grace

jada jacobbs

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“I’m very excited about my next photo shoot! I’m hoping to have another one in the near future.”

Jada Jacobbs

kayla kelli

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“That was a great shoot! Thanks again I’m so happy and can’t wait to make my picks.”

Kayla Kelli


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“Thanks so much, Doug. They’re beautiful.”


alexa anderssen

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“Doug is very reassuring while offering lots of encouragement. He does a great job of coaching and helped me find all the right poses.”

Alexa Anderssen

elise jolie

testimonial image

“You were a blast; I can’t wait to shoot again. I’m so excited for the images.”

Elise Jolie

lara jameson

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“Doug made me feel comfortable instantly by making me laugh and easing my nerves. My photos and website have increased my business and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to work with him again.”

Lara Jameson

arianna monet

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“Omg thank you, it was such a pleasure Doug. I cannot gush enough over the gems I have from this photo shoot! Serendipitous and I would love to work with you again!”

Arianna Monet

alexandra kole

testimonial image

“Having never worked with a male photographer, I was impressed with Doug’s professionalism. He’s a total gentleman, respectful, and quickly put me at ease.”

Alexandra Kole

amy fuentes

testimonial image

“You’re amazing and I had a wonderful time!! Many, many thanks!!”

Amy Fuentes

victoria chase

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“Photo looks great. You do a wonderful job with composition and content. I’m so glad we chose you. Victoria had nothing but great things to say about how professional you were and how much she enjoyed the shoot—she couldn’t believe the time flew so fast.”

Ron Brown

nadiya vanryan

testimonial image

“You are a photo ninja & thank you for asking for my input! A privilege I didn’t get with my previous photographer & it makes all the difference with the finished product. I’ll be back (Arnold voice); best birthday ever!!!”

Nadiya VanRyan

vy kennedy

testimonial image

“Thank you again for an awesome time. I had so much fun and will remember this for a long time to come. I will make sure to mention your workmanship to any provider I come across.”

Vy Kennedy

nikki james

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“Doug is very professional and always makes me feel comfortable… I have a great time during our photo shoot…and of course I love my pictures!”

Nikki James

alexis jayde

testimonial image

“Not only is Doug a great photographer, but he is very attentive and knowledgeable in all aspects of the look I am portraying in my line of work. I love him and all his work!”

Alexis Jayde

katheryn morgan

testimonial image

“I have been working with Doug for almost 3 years now. I have done numerous shoots with him and I continue to do business with him for a variety of reasons. He is professional and easy to work with. My first shoot with him I was so nervous and yet he has a way of making one feel at ease. I have referred others to Doug Remien Studios and will continue to do so.”

Katheryn Morgan

lana blanc

testimonial image

“Working with Doug has been an absolute pleasure! He is professional, knowledgeable and most importantly to me, respectful. He didn’t attempt to cross any boundaries and treated me as a professional would treat another professional. His pictures are carefully crafted and beautifully edited. I look forward to working with him again and again!”

Lana Blanc

daisey wilkes

testimonial image

“Yay! I love them!! I’ll be sure to spread the word if I know of any ladies in need of a great photographer!”

Daisey Wilkes

ally deep

testimonial image

“Thank you so much again. I can’t believe I actually had fun. 😉 I’m looking forward to working with you again!”

Ally Deep

riley rhea

testimonial image

“They look so amazing Thank You so much!!”

Riley Rhea

shyanne simmons

testimonial image

“These are great! You’re amazing.”

Shyanne Simmons


testimonial image

“I loved working with you as well thank you for all of your help!! We will be shooting again soon!”


ashley anders

testimonial image

“Omg you are so amazing!!!! Just being around you and working with you is so amazing! You’re so professional and really love to take the time to get the best angle and image! Thank you so much! I love them so much! You make my pics look like I feel lol! “

Ashley Anders

hannah lee

testimonial image

“Just left my shoot with Doug. Not only is he an amazing photographer, he makes you smile, laugh, and feel good! I had such a blast today!”

Hannah Lee

scout schaffer

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“If no one has told you yet today, you’re a badass Doug. You’re a badass and thank you!”

Scout Schaffer

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