Before & After

after imageafter image

For clients that have never participated in a glamour photo session, it's sometimes hard to visualize the metamorphosis of an image from the initial camera capture to the final completed print. Viewing the above before and after slider should illustrate the process more fully.

The image below shows the original, unedited version as initially captured in my digital camera. Though this is one of my favorite models to pose and shoot, no image is perfect so every image needs some post production editing.

before image

The next image shows the after, final version of the image above. In general the following steps are used with every image I edit.

  • First I applied some minor body shaping.The only thing that jumped out of me was how prominent her rib cage became from arching her back. Reducing its size was simple enough.
  • After applying body shaping the next step was to fix any skin blemishes, fly away hairs, skin compression lines, and other miscellaneous items. You'll also notice the hair band on her wrist was removed.
  • My next step included some simple burning and dodging to fix bright and dark areas. With this image, her hand appeared too dark thus requiring some dodging to correct it.
  • As always with this model, she arrived with beautiful outfits. However I felt the color of the lingerie didn't have enough contrast against her skin tone. To fix this I bumped up its saturation to give it a little extra pop.
  • With the above steps completed, I viewed the image globally to decide how much contrast I wished to add. This step is as much art as science so every image may look slightly different.
  • Once the contrast was adjusted I applied a glamour glow filter and a little skin softening.
  • Lastly I added a subtle vignette to the image to darken the edges and bring focus to the subject.

after image
By comparing the above two images you can see I've executed several important steps to transform the original raw capture, to the final polished image. Despite the seeming complexity of the workflow, these steps are implemented with every image the client chooses for inclusion to their finished portfolio.