Posing Tips, From the Neck Up

Mouth and eye gestures go a long way toward creating that provocative, alluring look. And while some women have an innate ability to flash those expressions, others have a difficult time doing them on command.

But it’s really quite easy. As silly as it might sound, it’s simply a matter of sounding out your vowels. Think about pronouncing a, e, o, and u. They sound like ah, eh, oh, and ooh. Now look at yourself in a mirror and speak these sounds in such a way that your face, and particularly your mouth muscles, demonstrate the different looks to accomplish the pronunciation. It may seem a little goofy doing it, but it really works. Of the following three images, the first one shows the model exhibiting the “ooh” face, the second shows the “ah” face, and the third shows the “eh” face.



glamour lingerie model

It was first discussed by commercial and portrait photographer Peter Hurley. To get a better idea of what’s involved check out his YouTube video illustrating the technique. The image below is a great example of a client squinching her eyes.

eye squinch

And no discussion on facial expressions would be complete without stressing the impact of a beautiful smile. As the image below exhibits, smiles can be playful and inviting.


With a little practice these techniques will put you well on your way toward striking that hot, alluring pose.