Dress for Success

If the intent is to present yourself as an elite model then the clothing you choose goes a long ways toward projecting that image. The old adage to “dress for success” is as true in the modeling and entertainment industry as it is on Wall Street. An evening dress, shoes, lingerie, proper accessorizing, and hair and make-up all play a role in creating the desired persona.

Nothing portrays an elegant woman, like an elegant dress. An elite model should never pass up on an opportunity to exhibit her elegance.

glamour model in black dress in Chicago, Illinois

The image below features the signature red soles of Louboutin shoes. A woman that wears these not only has sophisticated taste, but an income that says she’s successful.

glamour model with honey birdette lingerie and louboutin heels in Houston, Texas

The principles of dress for success include the importance of adhering to details. From hair and make-up, to eyelashes, to manicured nails, and even proper accessorizing; the following model has left no stone unturned.

glamour model in black dress

Dress for success is not just for public affairs, but for private as well. Lingerie can be classy or naughty, but an elite model understands her client and knows their taste can be satisfied from such retailers as Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, or La Perla just to name a few. Lingerie such as in the example below, is a classic choice for its beauty and sophistication.

glamour model wearing Bordelle lingerie

While building your portfolio also consider how props and location can work hand in hand to further improve how you dress for success. In the first example below a beautiful dress in tandem with a luxury brand such as Jaguar make a perfect ensemble.

glamour car model in yellow dress with white Jaguar

In this next example we can see how a lovely evening dress works well with the background setting.

glamour fashion model

And this final example perfectly exhibits how the right wardrobe coupled with a luxury travel destination completes the message of dressing for success.

glamour model in Oia, Santorini, Greece

“They’re awesome! Thank you, I love them and they’re going to make me so much $$$. Keep me updated on your next location shoot!!!”

Nicole Renee