Choosing Your Photographer

Naturally I hope you select Doug Remien Studios for your photo session, but as with any purchase it never hurts to comparison shop. Price is often a primary concern when choosing your photographer, but it shouldn’t be the overriding one. If you’re using these images for your profession, then image is everything as they say, make sure they’re the very best.

Beyond price, your eyes will be the best judge. Look at the photographer’s portfolio of images. These will be the best of the best, if you’re not crazy about them, you won’t be crazy about yours. Once you’ve narrowed down the list schedule a phone or in person consultation. Every photographer should provide one free of charge. This is your opportunity to ask him/her all your questions, and more importantly get a feel for how you connect with their personality. Chemistry between the photographer and client is an important contributor to the final result of your portfolio.

The following questions should be asked, and any photographer should be able to answer them easily:

  • How long will the session last?
  • How many set and outfit changes will I have?
  • Is hair and make-up included, or is there an additional charge?
  • How many proofs will I have to choose from, and how many fully edited images are included?
  • Do you have a written privacy policy, and what is it?
  • Who owns the copyright to these images, and how is licensing consent granted?
  • What happens to the original digital files, where are they archived, and for how long?
  • Do you guarantee your work and will you provide a re-shoot if I’m unhappy with the initial session?

In addition to those questions you’ll also want to discuss your goals for the shoot. Specifics include such things as the look you’re going for, or a weakness in your portfolio you wish to improve. And don’t forget boundaries; let the photographer know what your limits are so that everything is out in the open.

You can find my answers to each of these questions on my FAQ page. Or simply send me an email or call me at 832-840-8578 to schedule your free consultation.

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“A truly experienced professional photographer who knows exactly how to flatter each individual’s body type.”

Sonia Styles