Revealing the Hourglass

Revealing the hourglass is an important means of highlighting a woman’s unique features, In previous posts I’ve discussed ways to accentuate the positives while minimizing the negatives for specific features of a woman’s figure. What I’d like to discuss in this post is how to bring it all together whether for a full-body or partial-body pose. What differentiates a woman’s figure from a man’s, is of course her figure. And for this post, I’ll discuss the easiest methods to bring it to life.

With a full body, frontal shot, simply raising the heel of one foot requires the knee to be bent on the same leg. Doing so transfers the model’s weight to the opposite leg while shifting her hip outward. The hip shift can be subtle or exaggerated depending on how much of an hourglass shape is desired. The first image shows a subtle shift, the second is much more pronounced.



Arms can also provide an effective means to accentuate the hourglass. The model below has brought her hands to her neck which visually broadens the shoulders while making the waist appear smaller by comparison. And, as in the examples above, she has also shifted weight to one leg. Together these techniques highlight her hourglass perfectly.

revealing the hourglass

Though revealing the hourglass can be challenging with a sitting model, it can be accomplished with careful manipulation of body angles. Below you can see how I had the model position her arms across her body creating the shape of an “X”. And in doing so, once again the hourglass is revealed!

revealing the hourglass

Before your shoot practice this technique at home in front of a full-length mirror to see the effect for yourself.

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“The pictures look fantastic! I’m so very excited – thank you so much. I look forward to shooting with you again.”

Catherine Grace