Make-Up Tips

Many women are quite comfortable with doing their own hair and make-up, but there’s a big difference between everyday make-up and that required for a photo shoot. While utilizing a professional hair and make-up artist can provide benefits, the following are a few tips to keep in mind when doing it yourself.

  • The eyes are the focal point of the face and to that end false eyelashes should not be skipped (unless of course, your facial identity will be concealed). Individual lashes are better than rows as they look far more believable.
  • A good red hued lipstick is sexy on everyone and lips are one of the sexiest elements to be included with any glamour session.
  • Lipstick should be at least one shade deeper than usual. This is particularly true if your hair or clothing is black or if you’re planning on having any of your images edited as black and white.
  • Blush and eye make-up should also be applied slightly heavier than normal, but eye shadow should be a shade lighter.
  • Powder based make-up should be chosen over oil based, as the latter often appears too shiny.

“I’m very excited about my next photo shoot! I’m hoping to have another one in the near future.”

Jada Jacobbs