Outfits vs Looks

It’s typical in the glamour industry for photographers to limit the number of outfit changes. The rationale being that changing outfits takes time, and the more time spent changing results in less time available for shooting. To balance the needs of clients with the practical constraints of time, I suggest thinking in terms of “looks” rather than outfits. You can create an outfit ensemble so that one look can provide a variety of options.

As seen in the photo above, an outfit ensemble allows for the progressive removal of clothing revealing subtle changes in the look at every stage. For example, a client could begin a shoot fully dressed. After a few shots she could remove her outer clothes to provide a variation to the look with the remaining under garments. The look could evolve further with partial, implied or fully nude shots. The point is one ensemble yields multiple options allowing the client to quickly undress without leaving the set. After that “look” is exhausted, the client can return to the changing room and begin fresh with an entirely different look.

With all of that in mind, limit yourself to no more than 3-4 different looks. With careful planning each ensemble will provide maximum variation with minimal changing time.

“These are stunning. Thank you for once again, exceeding my expectations. I LOVE THEM.”

Skylar Mills