Image Branding

Image branding is a means of marketing who you are, what you do, and how you do it. It’s used to communicate your qualities and characteristics to your market or prospective clients. Once you determine the qualities and characteristics you wish to project, your brand identity is built and maintained through the continuous and consistent application of both written and visual media.

In regards to visual media, to be properly branded your logo, website, social media, and of course, photographs should all have the same look and feel. They should use the same colors, graphics, and fonts without deviation. Again consistency and continuity are the key.

So now that you know what branding is, why should you be interested? The answer is that in the modeling industry, proper image branding can lead to more income while working with better photographers and ad agencies. If you project yourself professionally, you’re more likely to be treated that way. My skill set and business experience can help you with this.

Remember as the maxim goes, “You only get one chance at a first impression”. So my advice is to do as much as possible to create your proper brand; make sure the first impression is the desired one.

For a greater understanding of why image branding matters, read my post: Image Rebranding, A Case Study.

“I saw other ladies’ photos that you did, and I thought they were phenomenal. I knew I would love to work with you!”