Protecting Your Privacy Without Blurring Your Face

african american glamour model in white dress and sunglasses

Ask any glamour photographer and they’ll all say they hate blurring faces. Why? Because doing so interferes with the aesthetic integrity of the image. And it’s especially discouraging when the model is particularly beautiful. That said, it’s completely understandable why some ladies need to maintain their privacy and anonymity. There is however a middle ground. As an alternative to blurring, Venetian or masquerade masks offer an alluring option. Also sunglasses and wide brimmed hats can conceal the necessary facial features. And finally the face can be hidden altogether with clever posing or simply post-production cropping.

This first example shows how a mask can conceal one’s identity without detracting from the beauty of the image. Venetian or Mardi Gras masks come in limitless varieties. and are two great online sources to try.

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Like masks, sunglasses of course also are available in infinite varieties. And they too do a nice job of hiding key facial features. As the image below suggests, sunglasses can heighten the overall sex appeal while also altering the attitude of an image.

glamour swimsuit model

This next image featuring a wide-brimmed hat can be both stylish and functional with regards to facial concealment.


Available props such as the curtains below can be used for concealment.


As with the following two images, having the model turn her head away, or intentionally cropping her head from the scene are both simple yet effective methods I commonly use.

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Another option I like to implement is using the model’s hair for hiding the face.

glamour lingerie model

These final two examples illustrate how hiding the face altogether within the composition not only preserves the anonymity of the model, but adds a sense of mystery as well.

protecting your privacy post

glamour fashion model

Naturally all of the above techniques can be incorporated into a given photo session. With a variety of masks, sunglasses, hats and poses a wide body of work can be created without having to exclusively rely on face blurring to preserve privacy. With the proper application of these props and posing techniques, the aesthetic integrity of the image is maintained and the model’s beauty is not compromised.