Portugal Sessions, What to Wear

For the Portugal sessions, what to wear should be considered carefully. June in Portugal is warm and dry so your outfit choices should reflect that. Average daytime temperatures in Lisbon are 78°F/26°C, Porto Santo 71°F/22°C, and Madeira 75°F/24°C. With those temperatures, I light jacket would be advisable for early in the morning. If your photo session is in Lisbon plan to wear comfortable walking shoes between photo sets. Lisbon is very hilly with many cobbled stone streets so appropriate footwear is essential. What follows are some overall clothing tips for the sessions. And of course, peruse the gallery slider above for more ideas.

  • For the Lisbon shooting, think about what a fashionable tourist would wear walking the streets in summer. Bold, vivid colors will work well for both summer fashion and around-the-city sites. Long flowing maxi dresses are one example.
  • For the beach, swimwear could be accompanied by cover-ups, sarong wraps, halter tops, casual rompers, wide-brim floppy sun hats, Grecian sandals, off-the-shoulder tops, etc.
  • Shear material (especially for beach cover-ups) will be photographically beneficial when you’re backlit by the sun.
  • Consider using a wide-brim floppy hat and especially sunglasses while shooting on the beach.
  • Feel free to try Pinterest search phrases such as: “Lisbon fashion for women” or “Portugal fashion” to find even more inspiration for outfits.

Hopefully, the information and photos above will provide plenty of inspiration for outfit selections. But overall, Portugal is warm and colorful, so let that be a primary factor in your decisions.

“Just left my shoot with Doug. Not only is he an amazing photographer, but he also makes you smile, laugh, and feel good! I had such a blast today!”

Hannah Lee